Who are we?

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Why are we Unique ?

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Can I order Online?

While many people are skeptical regarding the success of online businesses in Jordan, we believe that it is time to prove they are wrong. Our site, zCakeShop.com, will be working side-by-side with our store and we hope it will serve our customers who like to shop from home. We are using the principles that made the successes of the best online businesses in the world: robust but simple programming, good customers’ care and most important, honesty and transparency. The site is not only our front window, but it is also a venue for many collaborating businesses that will help us delivering gifts, flowers and books along with our delicious cakes. You can now order a nice package online and pay by credit card so that your fiancé will get her birthday gift while you are staying thousands of miles away.

How can I Help?

You can help us making more people happy by recommending our site to others. We love to make more cakes and to share more happy occasions with the great people of Jordan. Also, if you feel your products can be sold online, we like to discuss with you ways to collaborate.
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